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Millions of Americans undergo endodontic treatment each year to save damaged teeth. Your trusted team at Main Street Dental Smiles is committed to providing you with the gentle and comfortable care you deserve. You can always count on us for a positive and stress-free experience.

Endodontics Overview

Endodontics is a field of dentistry dedicated to problems of the soft pulp tissue. Endodontic therapy, the most common of which is root canal treatment, is a relatively quick and comfortable procedure. It relieves pain rather than causing it while saving a tooth that would otherwise require extraction.

When Is Endodontic Treatment Indicated?

Root canal therapy is typically indicated when the pulp inside the root canal becomes inflamed or infected, resulting from deep decay, a chip or crack in a tooth, or an injury. If left untreated, pulp damage can cause many potentially serious complications, including severe pain, swelling, an abscess, or bone loss around the tooth's root. Root canal therapy helps maintain a natural tooth's health, function, and appearance while providing pain relief.

What Is the Root Canal Therapy Procedure?

We will start by administering a local anesthetic and dental sedation, if needed, for your comfort. Next, we will make a small opening in your tooth to access and remove the diseased pulp, and then we will clean, shape, and sterilize the area. We will fill the root canals with a biocompatible, rubber-like material called gutta-percha and ensure that the root canals are completely sealed. Most patients report only minor pain or discomfort during the procedure.

A tooth is weakened and prone to fracture after root canal therapy. That's why we recommend placing a custom dental crown to restore the tooth to its strength, form, and function.

How Should You Care for a Tooth After Root Canal Treatment?

Make sure to practice proper oral care, which includes brushing at least twice daily and flossing daily. We recommend keeping up with your periodic dental exams and professional cleanings to prevent the onset and progression of dental disease. With proper care, a tooth that has undergone endodontic treatment can last a lifetime.

What Are the Symptoms of a Root Canal Problem?

Pulp damage symptoms include persistent tooth pain, prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, swelling and tenderness of the gums, tooth discoloration, or a pimple-like bump on the gums indicating an abscess. In some cases, pulp damage may not display any symptoms, which is why we recommend scheduling your periodic dental exams and cleanings. We will check for and treat any oral health concerns as they develop. If we determine that pulp damage is present, we may recommend root canal therapy to save and restore the affected tooth.

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