Dentures and Partials

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Replacing missing teeth has never been easier or more convenient than with our cutting-edge dentures and partials. Dr. Schilling, our highly skilled prosthodontist, utilizes modern technology and techniques to deliver quality, affordable restorations. Your new replacement teeth will enhance your smile and allow you to live your life to the fullest!

Dentures Overview

Dentures are intraoral devices used to restore lost or missing teeth using custom-made tooth replacements made from impressions taken of your mouth. Removable dentures typically stay in place by suction or are held by the facial muscles, while fixed dental prosthetics are connected to adjacent teeth or dental implants.

What Are Complete Dentures?

If you've lost all of your teeth, you will need complete dentures. Conventional dentures are fitted after removing any remaining teeth, and the tissue heals. In contrast, immediate dentures are prepared before removing any of your teeth and are positioned immediately after extraction. However, the bones and gums may change shape during healing, meaning that immediate dentures will likely require adjusting and relining down the road to provide the best fit, comfort, and function.

What Are Partials?

Partial dentures are custom-made oral appliances used to replace missing teeth when some natural ones remain. They consist of natural-looking prosthetic teeth attached to gum-colored resin bases. Partials are typically connected using metal frameworks and clasps to natural teeth or to crowns placed on natural teeth or implants.

Adjusting to Dentures

Dentures and partials may require a brief adjustment period. Make sure to contact us if there are any sore or uncomfortable spots so we can adjust them. Never attempt any denture repair at home to avoid damaging your restorations.

What Are the Benefits of Dentures and Partials?

Today's dentures are cost-effective and more comfortable and natural-looking than ever. You will be able to enjoy your favorite foods once again and will speak with clarity and confidence. Your restorations will help protect any remaining teeth from shifting and wear, preserving your bite, and enhancing your oral health. Your dentures or partials will improve your appearance, and best of all, they will restore your youthful smile.

Why Choose a Prosthodontist for Your Tooth Restorations Needs?

A prosthodontist is a specialist with three years of rigorous training after dental school, with advanced education primarily focused on the restoration of lost or deficient teeth. Prosthodontists have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the elements of a healthy, functional, and natural-looking smile. Dr. Schilling, our acclaimed prosthodontist, utilizes the best technology and techniques to deliver superior, natural-looking and feeling restorations.

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