Why Would a Tooth Require Extraction?

Why Would a Tooth Require Extraction?

At Main Street Dental Smiles, we are committed to restoring the health and function of damaged teeth using the most conservative treatment options available. However, at times extraction is our only viable option. Dr. Schilling and her outstanding team will do everything possible to ensure your experience is a positive one. We are all about your comfort and wellbeing!

Why Would a Tooth Require Extraction?

There are many reasons a tooth may require extraction, including the following:

Tooth Damage: An extraction may be our only option if a tooth sustains irreparable damage due to deep decay or a severe infection that does not respond to medication or root canal therapy. Broken, fractured, or injured teeth may also require removal if no restorative option is available.

Periodontal Disease: Advanced periodontal (gum) disease, known as periodontitis, is another reason we may need to extract a tooth. As the condition progresses, it destroys the bone and tissue supporting the teeth, compromising their health and integrity.

Orthodontic Treatment: We often recommend extracting teeth during orthodontic treatment, an example of which is removing a tooth blocking another from erupting correctly. Moreover, if a patient has a crowded mouth, we may extract one or more teeth to make room for the remaining teeth to shift into alignment.

Wisdom Teeth: One of the most common oral surgeries performed is wisdom teeth extraction. Being far in the back of the mouth, these molars are challenging to clean, leaving them prone to developing decay and infection. Moreover, most people don’t have the space to accommodate their third set of molars, resulting in them coming in crooked or becoming impacted (trapped). Wisdom teeth are notorious for causing a host of dental problems, so in some cases, we may recommend removing them to safeguard your oral health.

What Should You Expect?

There are two types of dental extractions, simple and surgical. You’ll require a simple extraction if the affected tooth is accessible and visible above the gumline. If, on the other hand, the tooth is weak, impacted, or fractured at the gum line, a surgical extraction may be necessary. At Main Street Dental Smiles, our gentle techniques and sedation dentistry options will leave you with minimal pain, discomfort, or downtime.

Care After Tooth Extraction

We will provide you with care instructions to promote healing. Make sure to avoid drinking from a straw, spitting forcefully, or smoking for at least 48 hours. Otherwise, you risk dislodging the blood clot forming in the socket, which can lead to a painful complication known as dry socket. Please contact us immediately if you experience severe pain, bleeding, shortness of breath, fever, vomiting, or swelling, or if you have redness that’s getting worse at the extraction site.

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